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DogeBNB is a blockchain research project, which employ the powers of blockchain technology to bring new-age finance and NFT-s to the world. DogeBNB token is the core element of the DogeBNB NFT platform. DogeBNB is a utility token that can be used to issue NFT-s, and part of the platform fees will be used to buy back and burn tokens.

Token Raven Audit

Token Raven is known for its fast response times and comprehensive crypto audits. The audits provided by Token Raven provide your project with a comprehensive analysis in regards to all possible vulnerabilities in your smart contracts. This includes warnings, typos, unused functions & variables, compiler version, centralization check and any other hazard. As such our report and recommendations can be used to remedy vulnerabilities.

The Token Raven audit service is sure to improve the trustworthiness and safety of any legitimate project.

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